Composers and Styles from six centuries

Much more than Classical - Music from Renaissance to Here and Now

Lothar Theissmann’s new solo programme does not only feature the most important works for the Concert Guitar - moreover, it is a great journey through the world of music itself.

"Wide-ranging " - a word that already has been part of the title of a critic on Lothar Theissmann’s first solo concert. After more than 20 years of playing concerts in Europe, this versatillity now culminates in an unique new programme: A palette ranging from Luys Milan to Leo Brouwer, from Polyphonics to modern strumming techniques, from Renaissance to Comtemporary Music and Style. The most important composers and the unique techniques of the guitar will be heard - in a lecture concert with the clear emphasis on the word "concert ".
All the sounds and specialities that only the guitar, this "small complete orchestra ", is being able to feature, will be displayed by the the player with his fine sounding tone. The Milestones of guitar literature will be presented, and there will be excursions to the Realm of Flamenco, to South America and to other musical landscapes as well.

Questions concerning the music are possible at many moments - and they are welcome! A programme that is a relish and a "Must-see " for all music lovers -and of course for guitar players of every shade.

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