some garden

The Beauty of Songs

As a pleasurable contrast to programmed rhythm sounds and exchangeable voices of the charts, Singer and piano player Oona Kastner and guitarist Lothar Theissmann maintain the intensive "art of the Duo". Influenced by Latin Music, Flamenco and Old Music as well as by Folk, Funk and Minimal Music Lothar Theissmann has created his very own way of playing the Acoustic Guitar – a virtuos language that blends perfectly well with the unique and highly alterable voice of Oona Kastner. For "rather exactly some seasons" they perform united, melting to a Duo that is easily crossing musical borders while they build their spacious garden of sounds -
thus creating music that is really moving.
Further more, some garden write songs that can easily cope with their skillful cover versions of selected brilliant songs from the last decades.
Absolutely recommended to all friends of subtle songwriting, wonderful sound and virtuous guitar grooves..


The most important songs of the great californian Singer, in individual versions of immaculate sense of style; combined with songs by Some Garden of ageless quality.

A voice like silk plus levitating dream moods. Diverse in style and extra fine spun
(CD-critic "some garden" in the Neue Westfälische")

"In the twinkling of an eye, this remakable Duo succeeded in guiding their audience in fantastic
dreamworlds... Hardly ever, internal processes could be experienced so clearly like in this concert"


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