"The sounds of his guitar are like musical pearls on a string when he plays."

"His perfect technique and his sensitive way of playing his guitar make his performance a very special experience."
(Engerscher Anzeiger)

"A musical performance with enormous dedication and ability."
(Neue Westfälische)

"His superior performance, his excellent touch and his musical way are of a quality which is convincing beyond guitar tricks and antics."
(Akustik Gitarre, CD-critic "some garden")

"It is an honour for me to hear someone with such a tone record a piece of mine"
(Steve Erquiaga, San Francisco/Cal.)

"'some garden' perform their sensitive Music with devotion, passion and perfect technical skills...and all without using any technical device. (....) Hardly ever, internal processes could be experienced so clearly like in this concert" (more)