From the Beginning

Music and Sculpture -
live and unique.
Clay. Sound. Scaping. Gestalt.

The Myth of Creation: Pre - Historical - Human - Culture.
In the beginning there is Sound. From the Clay. Forming the clay. Shaping.
Creating life. Earth. Plastic. Tangible.
Not repeatable.

Music - written, sensed, felt, improvised -
that craves Creation.
Forms. Demands forming. Elates. A performance about the sources of creation.
Archaic, simple, touching.
Become and Die.

A statement against arbitrariness - and the Casting Away of Life
by idle attempts to save it.
E L T - Performances that cannot be copied.
That are to be experienced.

Facts / Information:

From the Beginning - Performance by E L T

Ellen Lindström, Live-Sculpturing, Piano
Lothar Theissmann, Compovisation, Guitars, Tape.
Length ca. 45 minutes
Room: Minimum 40 qm.