Teaching and Coaching

Of course I teach in the traditional way, with one lesson of 50 minutes per week - individual lessons, partner lessons (two persons) in a group of three, which is the maximal number of students. From beginners to advanced to the highest level - children, teenagers, adults. The starting age should be nine years, but this is not a dogma.

In addition, I also offer specific lessons - targeting towards a certain aim - in which case I prefer the term “coaching".

The - adult - students usually have a specific goal, which can also be formulated together; be it a certain style, a certain piece to master; or certain technical hurdles that demand to be overcome.

Based on my experience, I can generally estimate how much time will be needed for this.

We then set the dates for the lessons - between eight and 14 sessions / lessons.

This unit can be immediately followed by others, but students can also take a break after this term - before moving on to the next goal and the next level. Thus I can respond precisely to the learners' musical needs and demands and help them to realise them as well so - and well-sounding! - as possible.
As we are all busy, this is often the best and most pragmatic method for adults, and in this mode I agree to give an online lesson from time to time as well, if requested - except for the first three lessons, which should always and be real ones.

So, this is about tailored guitar lessons!

Try-out-lessons of at least 25 minutes are of course free of charge!